Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bad Photography - Bad Photographer

I think that my interest in photography has actually ruined other people's photography for me. At least, it has certainly ruined other people's bad photography.

Take the exhibit that I went to this afternoon. Had I gone there with no photographical knowledge, I may have found the photographs appealing, I might have been drawn to them with oohs and ahs. Instead, today I looked at the photos and was completely unimpressed. What I saw was photographs that were out of focus or where the focus was on the wrong aspect of the photograph. One of the photos that everyone else was oohing and ahing over, I took one look at and walked away from. The lighting was wonderful, everything else was out of focus. I looked at every single single photo and knew that I could have taken the same photo or something better.

While this made me sad about my diminishing love of bad photography, it also made me happy. People were buying these photographs for between R850-R1250! Surely this means that I could do the same?

I think I have made a decision. Next year, I am going to have an exhibition and a stall at fest to display my photography. If people are willing to pay R850 for bad photography, surely they will do the same for the good (or even the mediocre) stuff. Now to find out how to get started...

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