Friday, January 2, 2015

Meant To Be

Rudi and Roxanne

“Just make yourselves comfortable,” I tell them, as they sit down on the bench and I turn my back to grab my camera. By the time I turn around, they are already hand in hand, leaning against one another, him laughing raucously, teasing her relentlessly, and her taking it all in her stride, her smile unwavering. There is nothing on earth that could ruin this day – the day that Rudi and Roxanne got married.

Rudi and Roxy are one of those couples who are absolutely, without a doubt, meant for each other, and I can hear it in the way that they talk, their conversations filled with loving teasing and inside jokes. As Rudi’s family joins us, I can see how much a part of the family Roxy has already become, laughing with her second mother and her new sister, giggling as the family tries to share a bottle of champagne that has been warmed in the sun, but which they swill regardless, because this kind of celebration requires champagne, even if it is warmer than you’d want it. The bubbles flow with laughter and hugs and happiness abound.

Before long, the celebrations move from the peaceful quiet of the Monument to the Mouse and Budgie, where friends gather to celebrate with the couple and chilled champagne awaits. It's a small party, but the kind that stays in your memory, filled with good people, good food and good fun. And so a beautiful marriage starts and a wonderful relationship continues with friends and family, well-wishes and joy.

Rudi and Roxy, wishing you all the best for the many many many years to come.

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