Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photo shoot: Amy Part 2

Amy Jenkins
Thirroul, Australia

My friendship with Amy has a solid foundation that is based on our mutual consumption of tea. We both love the stuff! Hot or cold, with milk or without, flavoured or non - it was how our friendship started and I thought that it would only be fitting for our last photo shoot to be around it.

Part of the reason why the two of us love tea as much as we do (well aside, from my mother force-feeding it to me while I was growing up) is that Korea has the most gorgeous, fun tearooms I have ever been into. Forget sitting in a straight backed chair, sipping Ceylon out of bone-china. Instead, picture yourself sitting on brightly coloured cushions hidden in nooks and crannies and surrounded by chandeliers of multi-coloured crystal. Picture yourself in a room splattered with sickeningly sweet pink and looking out at the passers by while you sip your tea and indulge in delightful icecream sundaes.

I decided to take advantage of one of these picturesque cafes and Amy and I chose Noriter, which has recently opened a second branch in Shinae. With props in hand, we entered the cafe and chose our poisons (mine being a Cinnamon Hot Chocolate just for a change of pace). After finding a seat under a staircase and making ourselves comfortable, the shoot started with Amy pretending to study and *ahem* "pretending" to graffiti the table and underside of the staircase. I think that the other customers must have been a bit freaked out by our incessant laughter, but that is always the case when Amy and I get together - Korea should be used to it by now.

There are two things that I am going to miss about Korea more than anything else - the tea rooms... and the photographic opportunites. Oh, and Amy. Who actually ranks above everything else.

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  1. wow, ur pictures are really cool! I like the different angles and colours :)