Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day Twelve

I was on my way to Shinae, trusty camera in hand, ready for another night photography session. The taxi driver was a particularly friendly one, and though he didn't speak a word of English, I managed to have a decent conversation with him about where I come from, what I do and what my hobbies are. As soon as I sidled into the car, he noticed my camera, and was very interested in it. On the drive I decided to take some pictures of my lovely driver, and he seemed to be thoroughly amused by this. So today's photograph is not of the awesome duck restaurant that I ate at, or of the beautiful lights of Shinae, or even of the Soju Hof that I went to after dinner, though some nice photos were taken of all of the above. Instead, today's photo is of my wonderful taxi driver, taken at a 1/15 shutter speed, an aperture of 3.0 and an ISO of 800. Enjoy!

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