Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Twenty-Seven

I refuse to take my camera with me to school. Every time I think about it, a picture comes into my mind of how my students would react to me bringing it (a combination of "Ooh! Teacher! Photo!" and "NO PHOTO! NO PHOTO!") and about all the damage that it could incur on school property (this is where you need to remember that I am from South Africa where keeping something as precious as a camera in an unlocked locker means it will probably be stolen in minutes. But even though I refuse to take the camera to school, I wish that I had it every morning and every afternoon on the walk that I take through Cheongseok High School. Yesterday was a public holiday and I took advantage of that by taking my usual walk through the school and taking some photos along the way. Yesterday's photo is one of the photos that I took. It was taken with a 1/400 shutter speed, an aperture of 8.0 and a 100 ISO.

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